Flat Bag First Aid

Just in case your bunny rabbit chewed a hole in your favourite Flat Bag, we can offer repairs.

Polly, true story, just HAD to sample the floral print on her owners’  Flat Bag.

Please contact us first before sending your bag for repair or revamping as we would like to give you a quote first. Thanks!

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Flat Bag Frist Aid

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  • Flat Bag Frist Aid
  • lg-favourite-mango-copy
  • Zippity Do Da Bag copy
  • Fancy Fav Beach with Pewter Floral copy
  • laptop sleeve in terra with model
  • Today Tote - Red
  • Bou Bag in Mist
  • Totes All Floral Trim
  • Changes Brown Tourquoise Red
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Flat Bag Frist Aid

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